The RAC/PACK is a family of products designed to help manage the IBM Security Server (RACF) more efficiently; thereby enabling the security professional’s to work more productively. RAC/PACK is comprised of three separate products. RA/2 for Administration Auditing and Reporting; RA/7 for reporting on security violations, and RA/8 for automating the process of handling RA/8 connects profiles.
It is an ideal solution to replace the very cost intensive security add-ons provided by other vendors.

RACF Administration and Auditing

RA/2 is an administrative, reporting and auditing facility designed to enhance IBM’s RACF security system. A data center can expand their proficiency by utilizing RA/2 to make complex and comprehensive inquiries, from one easy to use product. RA/2 is a vital component in a RACF environment. RA/2 operates in both online and batch modes to perform comprehensive cross referencing for reporting, auditing and administrative tasks. RA/2 can also be used for making mass changes/additions to the RACF database, and RA/2 uses only standard RACF commands and facilities. RA2002 which has its own sets of libraries utilizes the life RACF database to retrieve/update requested data. RA2002 contains as well optional features e.g. the RRE, the RACF Rules Enforcer to enforce security standards based on user defined rules.

ra:2 -RACF DB管理ツール-

The new z/OS RACF Report Writer

RA/7 is the Security Server (RACF) Reporting System for event reporting. It is a full replacement of the IBM RACFRW. An installation can use RA/7 to report on active SMF files or off loaded SMF files. SMF data is usually very voluminous and it may be reduced by simply using the RA/7 unique selection criteria, to extract only the SMF information of interest to a specific user or site. It is structured to provide the user with multi-level information for summary and detailed reports with a wide selection of filters available on all fields. RA/7 provides a single detailed report for each event code and its associated statistics. This allows users to have vital information always at their finger tips.

ra:7 -RACFレポートライター-

The RACF Auto Link - Manage RACF Connect Profiles

RA/8 automates the labor intensive process to manage RACF connect profiles. RA/8 manages the RACF profile relationships between user(s) and functional groups by using standard RACF resources. All information required by RA/8 is stored in the RACF database to ensure full data integrity.

ra:8 -RACFプロファイルと機能グループのコネクトを自動化-